COVID-19 Penn Engineering Undergraduate Information


All Penn Engineering courses will be offered online beginning March 23, 2020. This includes providing laboratory and project-based education in an online setting. Courses will be taught at the same time as previously scheduled and include virtual but live lectures and office hours, and will include recorded lectures that students can use as a backup. TA sessions will also occur at their regularly scheduled times. We expect to complete all courses on schedule to facilitate on-time graduation of seniors. The final exam schedule is unchanged.

Deadlines (as of 4/14/2020)

Many significant academic deadlines have been extended. Classes start on March 23, 2020. The deadline for change of grade type (P/F) is April 29. Advance registration will happen between April 14 and April 24.  Registration for Summer Sessions begins April 14.  Finally, April 13 is the last date to withdraw from the course.


Your RAS advisors are holding regularly scheduled meetings using the phone or Zoom. Similarly, RAS will hold “walk in” remotely. You should complete petitions directly online without advisor or UG chair signoff; petitions will be processed by the Petitions Committee within RAS and include input from the program/department and advisor as needed. To expedite advance registration, you should update your worksheet before contacting your departmental or RAS advisors. Please continue to monitor the website for ongoing updates to RAS advising and processes.

Laboratory Work

No student will have access to any laboratories or shops in Penn Engineering buildings. All laboratory-based activity will be moved to an online setting. If you were working on an independent study, research or senior design project that required you to access a laboratory or a physical facility, contact your advisor to see how you can complete the course remotely. Please look for communications from your instructor or undergraduate curriculum chair for information on changes to the course material or procedures, and do reach out to them for clarifications.

Russell Composto
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

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