Procedures and Changes for Spring 2021 as result of COVID-19

Dear Undergraduates:

Updates to Spring 2021 procedures as a result of Penn’s COVID-19 operational changes are listed below.  This global pandemic continues to evolve and further changes may become necessary.  Please check this page and the Spring 2021 website (  often for up-to-date details for the Spring 2021 term.

For  information on university planning for Spring 2021 semester, please visit:’s-spring-2021-semester


Calendar and Deadlines

Penn will follow the normal calendar schedule determined by the University (Calendar).  Academic deadlines (add, drop, and change of grade type) will be adhered to by all four undergraduate schools. The last day of instruction for undergraduates will be Thursday, April 29,  2021, and the final exam period will run from May 4 to May 11.

Undergraduate courses for Spring 2021 are likely to be similar to Fall 2020, although expanded in-person offerings are planned in limited undergraduate laboratory classes, senior design and independent study/research experiences. Please note that plans may change to ensure the health and safety of students.  All final exams will be given remotely and follow the original final exam schedule.

Note: Deadlines will be strictly enforced and conclude EDT – 11:59 PM.


Petition for Action

As of April 14, 2021, petition requests must be submitted using the online petition workflow for undergraduate engineering students.  From that date Engineering will no longer accept the pdf version of petition forms.  The deadline for submission of a completed petition remains noon on Tuesday to ensure review on Wednesday of that week.  If your petition lacks sufficient information, the decision can be delayed or rejected.  Requests for course load increases require a detailed academic plan.

Online Petition Link


Please note: Core Substitution Department forms for tech elective and engineering courses will not be processed in the online petition.  Please see the undergraduate forms website for the Core Sub forms –



Requests can be submitted to the appropriate Department (see below for the appropriate email). Approvals can be forwarded directly to The engineering Registrar will post the record, notify the student, and copy the department so they are aware the action has been posted on the record. Form Link


 Second Majors

Requests can be submitted to the appropriate Department (see below for the BE, CBE, CIS, ESE, MSE and MEAM contact information).

Approvals can be forwarded directly to The SEAS Registrar will post the record and notify the student.  The department will be copied so they are aware that the action has been posted on the record. After this notification, the department coordinators should assign an advisor to the student and record this on the student record. Form Link


Change of Curriculum

Requests can be submitted to the Department (see below for the appropriate email) of the proposed new curriculum. Approvals can be forwarded directly to The engineering registrar will post the record and notify the student, the department coordinator for the new curriculum, the new advisor and the department coordinator for the major they are leaving so they are aware the action has been processed. Form Link


Course Withdrawal

Students requesting a withdrawal from a course should use the link to submit an online request. Form Link



Requests can be submitted directly to All required documents need to be included (cover sheet, proposal, job offer letter). Email/electronic signature approval from the project advisor is required. The remainder of the approval process will not change. Form Link


Permission to Register for a Course 

Requests can be submitted directly to Requests will not be accepted until the first day of Advance Registration. Form Link

Please note:

  • Time Conflict forms must be received by the end of the add deadline.
  • Time Conflict requests cannot be processed or resolved during the advance registration period.

Course Conflict

Following the Provost guidelines, the SEAS Registrar is denying any undergraduate course conflict requests where BOTH courses are listed as synchronous. Even if an instructor approves the course conflict form, the request will not be approved. Due to remote teaching, an exception may be allowed if a “synchronous” class must be taken “asynchronously,” because of time-zone issues. As usual, if the conflict is due to a senior design that meets infrequently, conflicts will be considered with the approval of instructors from both classes.

These course conflict rules are being applied consistently across all four undergraduate schools.  Namely, the Provost guidelines are to deny synchronous, conflicting courses as they are listed in the Course and Room Roster.


Core Substitution Forms

Requests will continue to be processed through the Department (see below for the appropriate email). Undergraduate Coordinators should submit completed Core Substitution forms to Core Substitution forms can be found here.


Independent Study

Contact the SEAS Registrar, Ms. Cindi Buoni (  Form Link


Leave of Absence (LOA)

Leave policies remain the same and is up to the student to decide.  As always, students should consider all options, gather information, and make a thoughtful well-informed decision.  Please take the necessary time if you are considering this option. Leave of Absence information can be reviewed here LOA Policy. For questions regarding LOA, please contact Dr. Gwak at


Departmental Contact Information: