Curriculum Deferred Information

Freshmen who do not initially choose a specific major when applying to Penn are designated “Curriculum Deferred” (CD). Many first-year students are CD, so you shouldn’t feel as though you are the exception.

Since you are not required to declare your Engineering major until the end of your first year, you have time to learn about each department. During New Student Orientation and throughout the fall semester, the Research and Academic Services (RAS) Office and the academic departments organize events to give you opportunities to explore degree options.

All Curriculum Deferred students are required to take a 100-level engineering course during their freshman year in either the Fall or the Spring semester. Students who declare their major by the end of the Fall 2009 semester will not be required to take a 100 level engineering course.

Are you ready to Declare a Major?

Below are the basic instructions. The form you need to use is “Request to Change/Add Curriculum.” You can also pick up a hard copy of this form in 109 Towne.

Basic Instructions

  1. Meet with your assigned CD Faculty Advisor.
  2. Meet with the Undergraduate Curriculum Chair of the curriculum in which you wish to declare. Through Penn In Touch complete a Worksheet in preparation for your meeting and bring it along with you to the meeting.
  3. Bring this completed and signed form to the department office of your DECLARED MAJOR/CURRICULUM. Your completed Worksheet for the new major MUST be attached. The Undergraduate Coordinator in that office will assign you a Faculty Advisor in your new major/curriculum.
  4. Return this form and your completed Worksheet to the Research and Academic Services Office, 109 Towne.

Curriculum Deferred Advising

Faculty Advisor for CD Students: Russell Composto
RAS Office, 109 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-7246
Fax: 215-573-5577

First Semester Courses for CD Students

Recommended courses for the First Semester

  • Any 100-level Engineering Course (See below for complete list of 100 -level Engineering Courses)
  • MATH 104
  • PHYS 150 (with lab) or PHYS 140 (no lab)
  • CHEM 101 (Take only section 4 or 5 for engineering students)
  • CHEM 053 Lab
  • Writing Requirement course or Social Science and Humanities elective

All Curriculum Deferred students are required to take one of the 100-level engineering courses listed below. If you are leaning towards a particular major, you are recommended to take the 100-level course of that major and follow the recommended courses for the first semester for that major. See Recommended Courses for the First Semester for All Majors for more information.

Major of Interest Course Course Title
Overview of Engineering ENGR 101 Introduction to Engineering (highly recommended for undecided students)
Bioengineering BE 101 Introduction to Bioengineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering CBE 160 Introduction to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (spring semester only)
Computer Engineering ESE170/171 or
Introduction to Digital Logic or
Digital Audio
Computer Science CIS 110 or CIS 120 Introduction to Programming or
Programming Languages and Techniques I (if you have AP CIS 110 credit)
Electrical Engineering ENGR 101 or ESE170 Introduction to digital logic (ESE170)
Materials Science and Engineering EAS 210 Introduction to Nanotechnology and Engineering (spring semester only)
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics EAS 105 or
MEAM 101
Introduction to Scientific Computing or
Introduction to Mechanical Design
(Students who are considering this major should also take MEAM 110/MEAM 147 instead of PHYS 150.)
Systems Engineering ENGR 101
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Contact Penn Engineering:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything at all about your offer of admission, or about Penn Engineering’s academic programs, please contact:

Ms. Ellen Eckert
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