Undergraduate Handbook

NGSS-Related Updates: Course numberings throughout the Undergraduate Student Handbook reflect transition to the new NGSS system.  3-digit course numbers that remain may reflect a now inactive course that did not transition to the 4-digit course number and may be updated.  Other updates include edits to processes and additional links to resources. 

These pages provide an electronic version of the Penn Engineering Undergraduate Student Handbook. The manual includes all the rules and regulations which Penn Engineering undergraduates are expected to follow.

Students are subject to the policies and procedures in place for the class in which they matriculated.

Policies and procedures are subject to change throughout the year at the discretion of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Engineering.

Table of Contents:

Student Code of Conduct

Undergraduate Policies

Policy Links

Courses + Requirements

Requirement Links

Programs + Options

Program Option Links


Advising Links

Forms + Resources

FAQ on Classes and Curricula