Summer School

Registration takes place twice per year: in November for the following Spring semester, and in March for the following Fall. Failure to pre-register means that you may be closed out of a course or a section. No Penn Engineering student will be closed out of a course required for their curriculum. Students experiencing trouble registering for a class should come to Room 109 Towne for assistance.

Detailed instructions for advance registration are available elsewhere. In brief, all students must meet with their faculty advisor before registering for courses. In order to have a productive session with your advisor, bring a completed and current copy of your Course Planning Guide, a list of questions, an Advisor Sign-off form, etc. After discussing your program with you, your advisor will sign the Course Planning Guide and the Advisor Sign-off form. Take these to your advisor’s home department and the advisor sign-off will be entered into the computer; you will then be able to use Penn InTouch to register.

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