Engineering Ethics Requirement

Beginning with the Class of 2017 (those entering in Fall 2013), Penn Engineering students must fulfill the Engineering Ethics requirement. The Ethics Requirement will not necessitate the completion of any additional course units in the existing BAS or the BSE degrees, as the requirement may be double-counted from the student’s SSH course requirements.

The Engineering Ethics requirement can be satisfied by taking EAS 203 ENGINEERING ETHICS. This course may be used (double-counted) for the “Social Science” requirement as well. Students are strongly encouraged to take the Ethics Requirement course during the sophomore year.


  1. BE and ASBS majors may also take the following for the Ethics requirement: HSOC 101 (or any of its cross-listed numbers), HSOC 102, HSOC/SOCI 118, HSOC 140, LGST 100, LGST 220, NURS 330, NURS 525, PHIL/PPE 272, PHIL 472, PHIL 473.
  2. CMPE majors may also take CIS 125.
  3. VIPER students may use VIPR 120/121 to satisfy the Engineering Ethics Requirement in any major.