Requirements Introduction

An electronic worksheet and planning document are available through PATH@Penn.   It is a worksheet for keeping track of courses and requirements, and provides a convenient way to plan your academic program.  The entering year determines the specific  requirements (worksheet) to satisfy the BSE or BAS degree for each major.

Students who entered Penn prior to Fall 2020 will not be allowed to switch into the “Entered Fall 2020 or later” worksheet. There will be no exceptions.

The specific course requirements for the BSE and BAS majors are outlined on the electronic worksheets mentioned above. A dual-major or dual-degree candidate must satisfy the degree requirements for both programs.

Note that the SEAS Writing Requirement has been established for all SEAS students beginning with the Class of 2001.

In designing a curriculum, the student builds out a worksheet of planned courses (available on Path@Penn) in consultation with their advisor. The completed worksheet shows the courses which have been elected and indicate how the required and elective courses will be taken semester by semester. In this process, the student should keep in mind that each course unit requires a total effort of eight to twelve hours per week for class, laboratory, research and study. The first planning worksheet is prepared during the first semester of the freshman year and modified as interests change throughout the student’s career.