Academic Honors

Penn Engineering undergraduates may qualify for various honors including Dean’s List and Graduation Latin Honors.

Dean’s List Honors

Each year, the Faculty of Penn Engineering awards academic honors to any student who, during the previous academic year, achieved an academic average of 3.70 or higher, provided that during the two semesters they have:

  • Completed 6 or more CU for letter grades
  • Received no grades lower than C
  • Completed all courses on time with no Incompletes, NR’s or GR’s

A student who is found by the Office of Student Conduct to have violated the Code of Academic Integrity of the University of Pennsylvania or who has received a sanction of suspension or greater for a violation of the Code of Student Conduct is not eligible for Dean’s List in the academic year in which the violation occurred.  The Dean’s List citation will be removed from the transcript if the finding occurs after this honor has been posted or if the violation occurs during the summer term following the academic year in which this honor was awarded.

Students receiving this honor are placed on the Dean’s List and a special notation is made on their transcript.

*Dean’s List for 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 academic years were suspended.  There will be a notation placed on every undergraduate’s transcript to recognize and honor the extraordinary disruption and changes in academic policies due to the COVID-19 panademic.

Graduation Honors (Latin Honors)

For information concerning Graduation Honors, please click here.