Independent Study

Independent Study is designed to provide the student with a unique learning experience not achievable by ordinary course work. You must identify a member of the University’s Standing Faculty who is willing to direct your independent study and take responsibility for issuing your final grade.

Occasionally, you may wish to (or need to) undertake Independent Study credit as part of an Internship experience, in which case you must still produce a tangible, academically-based product for your grade and credit at the end of the internship. If approved, you will be registered for an “0099” course within your academic department (e.g. MEAM 0099) for 1.0 CU of credit, for a grade (not PF).

You must submit an application for Independent Study by the end of the add period. Please access the Application for Independent Study on the forms page here.

Students are limited to 2.0 CUs within an Undergraduate Degree.