Part-time Status

Penn Engineering offers undergraduates only a full-time program of study, for which the normal minimum course load is 4 course units (CU) per term. Occasionally, a student may take a reduced course load of 3.5 or 3.0 CU. Such a reduced course load is considered full-time by Student Financial Services; therefore, such a student is still billed a the normal full-tuition rate. Note that this reduced course load may jeopardize both state and federal financial aid. Also, international students should check with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) (international students have to enroll in a minimum of 4 CUs per semester).

Additionally, registering for fewer than 4 CU per term may affect other considerations, such as visa status, athletic eligibility and/or insurance coverage. Please check carefully to ensure that you know the enrollment requirements of relevant organizations and/or agencies to avoid jeopardizing your standing as a student. Also, keep in mind that satisfactory academic progress in SEAS assumes 8 CU per academic year.

On rare occasions, students are allowed to carry 2.5 or fewer CU in a given term. In order to be granted part-time status, a student must petition for approval. Graduating seniors in their final semester may petition for part-time status by carrying 2.5 or fewer CU, if at that time they need only 2.5 or fewer CU to graduate. Without this permission, students will be billed at the full-time rate.