Transfer Out of Penn Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has no policy restricting transfer to another school within the University. However, each undergraduate school sets its own criteria for accepting transfer students; thus, a student contemplating transfer should discuss their transfer with someone in the Dean’s Office of the receiving school:

A student who wishes to transfer from an engineering or applied science program to another school within the University should complete the online transfer application for the appropriate school. A student may not transfer from Penn Engineering if their record includes uncleared I, GR or NR grades.

Freshmen are not permitted to transfer out of Penn Engineering until they have completed 8 course units at the University. They should, however, notify an advisor in the Research and Academic Services Office of their wish to transfer, and they may register for courses appropriate to their proposed school. Students on a transfer roster should have their Permission to Register form approved in 109 Towne. Penn Engineering students may not register for a non-engineering roster for more than two semesters. Students who have not facilitated a transfer within this time may be dropped.