Inter-departmental Senior Design Projects

Students who wish to undertake their senior design project that will include team members from different departments may pursue an “Inter-Departmental Senior Design” (ISD) project. To apply for an ISD Project, please complete and submit the ISD Proposal Form and all requested accompanying materials by the first of June in the senior year (i.e. at the end of the Junior Year). Please use this Proposal Narrative form to complete the narrative portion of your proposal. Instructions for preparing your proposal are as follows:

CBE Majors: If you participate in ISD, in the Fall semester of senior year, you must still take CBE 400 Intro to Process Design. In addition, you must register in the first course of Senior Design in the same department in which your team is enrolled. You may use this credit toward any ENGINEERING elective requirement in the CBE program. In the spring, you will enroll in the second course of Senior Design in the same department, which will replace CBE 459 Process System Design Projects.

On the ISD Proposal Form:

  1. Students on your ISD Team: Typically, a team of 3-5 is preferred. If you are proposing a team larger than five persons, you may be requested to provide additional information to justify the larger number, including a deeper explanation of the unique contributions of each team member, and why such a large team is needed. Please note the following exceptions:
    1. Teams combining EE and SSE majors are not considered for ISD. They will be considered part of the ESE Department’s Senior Design course.
    2. Teams combining CMPE and/or NETS majors with EE, SSE, and/or CSCI majors are also not considered for ISD. These teams must choose between the ESE or the CIS Department’s Senior Design course.
  2. Project Title: Please provide a working title for your ISD Project. We realize that the final project title may change as you progress through the project.
  3. Host Department/Course Enrollment:  Please state which department will serve as host of your ISD project. Explain why your proposed department is best suited to accommodate your project. Note that the CBE Department will be unable to host any ISD projects. Also, please note the following:
    1. Course enrollment: The entire team will register for the regularly scheduled Senior Design course (Fall and Spring) of a single department (the one that will serve as the host department of your ISD project).
    2. Final presentations: Final presentations will be made in only the department in which this project team is registered.  A team may not present in more than ONE department’s senior design final presentations.
    3. Grading: All students on the team will follow the grading policies of, and final grades will be assigned by, the host department’s Senior Design course instructor
  4. Advisor(s): Who will serve as the team’s advisor(s) of this project? Describe the ways in which the proposed person(s) is/are well positioned to serve as advisor(s) to this project. (An advisor should be a subject matter expert who provides technical guidance for the project.) Your proposal must be accompanied by verification that the proposed ISD Project advisor(s) agree to serve in this capacity. This can be in the form of an email printout, or a letter stating so.

Via Separate Attachments:

  1. Narrative: The proposal narrative should include the following three components:
    1. In no more than 250 words, provide a context for your ISD project/idea. Describe the problem(s)/opportunities you seek to address and why it is important.  Who will be the stakeholders, target audience, end-user, or market?
    2. In no more than 750 words, describe two or more potential solutions and how these will utilize interdisciplinary approaches. What are the unique elements that will be drawn from the different disciplines? Detail what discipline-specific knowledge is needed.  Include graphics in your narrative, where appropriate. Also include a bibliography.
    3. In 250 words, explain how each student on the team is expected to uniquely contribute to the project, based on their major?

This form is available here.

Checklist for Submitting Your ISD Application:

[  ] ISD Proposal Form (items 1-4 above)
[  ] ISD Proposal Narrative (Item 5 above)
[  ] Verification of proposed advisor(s) agreement to serve (per item 4 above)

DEADLINE: The application deadline is June 1 after finishing the junior year.  Decisions will be made not later than the first week of September..

SUBMISSION: Completed proposals must be submitted as a single completed PDF file. Send via email .  Be sure to always make/keep a copy of forms for your own records.