Return from Academic Drop

Return from drop is not guaranteed.  A student who has been dropped may be considered for readmission upon recommendation from the Academic Performance Committee.  Applications for return from drop are rarely considered earlier than one year after the student has been dropped.


In order to be considered, the former student should submit the following to

  • A letter stating reasons why the student should be approved for a return from drop status, including an explanation of the steps taken by the student to address/remedy the circumstances that lead to the drop so as to ensure successful academic performance upon return
  • A detailed academic plan (Fall and Spring Semesters) showing how the student will complete all degree requirements by their date of graduation
  • A letter/s of recommendation from non-family members who observed the candidate while they were away from school
  • If applicable, a transcript of any courses at another institution while on drop status (even though courses may not be transferred back to Penn)


Please note: If approved for return from drop status, the student will be on academic probation and the total course load for the first semester will be limited to 4.5 course units.