Advanced Placement

Most issues regarding advance placement should be taken up with the Office of the Registrar, 150 Franklin Building, 3451 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Note that students with AP credit who take the equivalent course at Penn forfeit the AP credit. This applies to EAS 091 (CHEM 091), PHYS 093/094, PHYS 050/051, PHYS 150/151, CIS 110 and MATH 104.


Some Penn Engineering curricula require CHEM 101, 102 plus the labs. Generally AP credit is given only for the lecture parts of the courses (students must still enroll in Chem 53,54). However, the chemistry department may grant “waivers” if students present evidence of equivalent lab experience in high school. Penn Engineering accepts these waivers in lieu of the requirement for the chemistry labs. The waivers do not carry academic credit, and students typically have to make up the science credits by taking other courses.

Students with AP credit for EAS 091* (CHEM 091) are encouraged to take the placement exam(s) for CHEM 101 and 102 offered by the Chemistry Department. Students with EAS 091* (CHEM 091) AP credit, who have not taken (or have not passed) the placement exam for CHEM 101, may take CHEM 102. Students with EAS 091* (CHEM 091) credit may enroll in Chem 053 as a stand alone course. Students should be aware that there are situations where specific credit for CHEM 101 and 102 is required as for premed students.

Students with a Chemistry score of 6 or 7 on the Higher Level IB exam can be counted toward EAS 091. Please note the Standard Level exam is insufficient.

Please note: *EAS 091 is for engineering students only.


Most Penn Engineering curricula require PHYS 150 and/or 151, which consist of lecture and lab, or PHYS 140 and/or 141, which are the lectures only. AP credit for physics is given by the Physics Department. Detailed information can be found at:

MEAM 110/147 offered by the Mechanical Engineering Department is the equivalent of PHYS 150. Students with AP credit in PHYS 150 should not enroll in MEAM 110/147.

ESE 112 offered by the Electrical and Systems Engineering Department is the equivalent of PHYS 151. Students with AP credit in PHYS 151 should not enroll in ESE 112.

For additional AP information, please visit the Office of Admissions website (