Transfer In to Penn Engineering

A student who wishes to transfer into Penn Engineering from another school at the University should complete a worksheet on Penn InTouch for the appropriate engineering or applied science curriculum. (Refer to the sections on advising and Course Planning Guides.) All internal transfer students must select a major at the time of application.

A student who entered Penn from another college or university (external) transfer student is ineligible to apply for internal transfer.

A student may not transfer into Penn Engineering if their transcript shows that good performance in a Penn Engineering program is unlikely, or if the record includes uncleared F, I, GR or NR grades. A student must first complete a minimum of eight (8) Penn course units to be eligible. The minimum gpa for consideration is 3.0; different criteria are used for entry into dual degree programs. In particular, we look for successful completion of calculus (typically, at least MATH 114) and physics (typically, PHYS 150/151). Course requirements may vary depending on the selected major as well as the number of semesters completed.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall entry: May 15
  • Spring entry: December 15

Applications for internal transfer must be made prior to the end of the sophomore year at Penn.

If you have additional questions, please email

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