Choosing Your Major/Curriculum

Choosing your major does not need to be a daunting task.  Many of our  First Year students enter as Curriculum Deferred (undecided major).  Curriculum Deferred (CD) students must declare by the end of the year.

It is recommended that undecided students define a list of all possible majors of interest. Based on the requirements for each of these programs, students should select courses that will keep their options open for as long as possible. This is easy to do for the first year, but gets increasingly difficult over time. You should also be sure to meet with the Undergraduate Chair for each of your interested majors.

Each year at pre-registration time, the school offers informational seminars on choosing your major. Watch for announcements concerning these programs. Also, Career Services occasionally offers seminars to help students select a major.

  • If you are Curriculum Deferred and you are ready to declare a major/curriculum, click here.
  • If you have already declared a major/curriculum but would like to CHANGE to something different, please complete the PATH form – Declare/ Update Field of Study.


Check Out Intro to Engineering 

If you know you want to be an engineer, but need help determining which field of study to pursue, Intro to Engineering (ENGR 1010) is for you. ENGR 1010 is a hands-on introduction to all branches of engineering at Penn. The course centers on a series of laboratory experiences in each department from Bioengineering to Systems Science and Engineering. Use ENGR 1010 to discover what field of engineering interests you most.


Undergraduate Programs By Department

To access a list of Penn Engineering departments and links to their programs, click here.