Submatriculation: Master's Programs in Engineering

Penn undergraduates may begin an engineering master’s program while still completing their undergraduate program via the submatriculation application procedure. Penn Engineering students interested in submatriculation into the Law School should click here.


  • The deadline for applying for submatriculation is before the beginning of the fall semester of the student’s Senior Year (IPD programs: Deadline is Feb 1 of Junior Year).
  • As a submatriculant, you may take up to three graduate courses (or four courses in the Master of Biotechnology Program) while registered as an undergraduate student, to fulfill both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, subject to approval by both the undergraduate and graduate program Chairs.
  • These three graduate-level courses can be double-counted for undergraduate and master’s degrees, regardless of when they were taken (i.e. before submatriculation).
  • Cross-listed courses taken at the 4XX level prior to submatriculation may be used for a master’s degree if the course’s content is identical to its 5XX level. (Students must obtain verification from the course’s instructor via the Application for Submatriculation form.)
  • Note that after entering submatriculation, all courses for the master’s must be taken at the 5XX level and above.
  • No course may be triple counted, i.e., counted for more than two degrees/majors.
  • All coursework for a master’s degree from SEAS must be completed at Penn. No transfer, advanced standing , study abroad, or study away courses will be accepted.
  • The time to complete both undergraduate and master’s degrees cannot extend beyond eight years.
  • NOTE 1: Changing your undergraduate graduation exit for financial reasons changes your year of graduation for alumni purposes.
  • NOTE 2: If you choose NOT to pursue the Masters Degree after you submatriculated, please fill out and submit the Graduate Petition for Action to your graduate major administrator to end your graduate program.


  • Both BSE and BAS degree students in Penn Engineering may apply for submatriculation into engineering master’s programs. (Note that Engineering students are not permitted to submatriculate into the Master of Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) program.)
  • Qualified undergraduates in Penn’s other schools may apply to submatriculate into any of the Penn Engineering master’s degree programs, subject to their home school’s rules and regulations.
  • A minimum cum GPA of 3.0 is required in order to apply. Note that admission decisions are made by the respective Graduate Group on a selective basis.
  • Please note that each Graduate Program may have additional requirements to apply. Please check with the program you would like to submatriculate into regarding any additional requirements.
  • The GRE is not required for those applying to submatriculate. However, students are strongly encouraged to take the GRE, especially those who have interests in pursuing a Ph.D. degree program.

Financial Aid

As a sub-matriculant, if you consider extending your bachelor’s degree graduation you must have a conversation with SFS to make sure appropriate funding is available. Penn’s policy for undergraduate financial aid is only 8 semesters of Undergrad need-based Aid. (Note that it does not matter whether you are enrolled in undergraduate OR graduate-level courses in the final semester of your bachelor’s degree.) After you have graduated from the undergraduate degree program, you will be charged graduate school tuition, which is done on a per course unit basis. In order to be considered for financial aid, you must separately apply for graduate financial aid through Penn’s Student Financial Services center.

Application Procedures