SEAS Weekly 9-12-22

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Academic Integrity Reminder

Please remember that all students are obligated to follow the Code of Academic Integrity. As noted, “If a student is unsure whether his action(s) constitute a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity, then it is that student’s responsibility to consult with the instructor to clarify any ambiguities

Words to think about this week

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” – Satya Nani

Highlights for the Week

  • Penn Engineering Student Learning and Engagement (PESTLE): The goal of PESTLE is to provide an opportunity for all Penn Engineering students to engage with the Philadelphia community.  There are multiple opportunities for engagement, whether they are one-time service events or ongoing commitments, student organization activities, school initiatives, or university partnerships with local community centers.  Learn more at


  • Secular and Religious Holidays Policy In accordance with the policy “no examinations may be given and no assigned work may be required” on these specific holiday dates during the 2022-23 academic year. You can also find the 2022-23 holidays calendar on our website. The full text of the policy can also be found in the Pennbook:

*Sunday 9/25 (sunset) to Tuesday 9/27 – Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)

*Tuesday 10/4 (sunset) to Wednesday 10/5 – Yom Kippur (Jewish)

Tuesday 11/8 – Election Day (Secular)

Sunday 12/25 – Christmas (Christian)

*Wednesday 4/5 (sunset) to Thursday 4/13 (9 days) – Passover (Jewish)

No exams or assigned work may be required from the evening of 4/5 through 4/7

Friday 4/7 – Good Friday (Christian)

* – indicates holiday begins at sunset on the first date given

In addition students may request alternate arrangements for any other holiday of importance to them as explained in section 3 of the policy. Students must make these arrangements at the beginning of the semester; within the first two weeks of classes is recommended.

Please note one new addition to the Policy on Secular and Religious Holidays this year: no examinations may be given and no assigned work may be required on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Please see the following letter for more information: 22-23 Sec&Rel Holidays Letter FINAL


  • Student Health and CAPS Are Available for Students Remember to call first!
    • SHS & CAPS Website:
    • Medical Services
      3535 Market Street, Suite 100, Philadelphia, PA 19104
      Monday through Friday: 8 am – 6 pm
      Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm
      Closed on Sundays
      215-746-3535 (24/7)
    • Counseling Services
      3624 Market Street, First Floor West, Philadelphia, PA 19104
      Monday through Wednesday: 9 am – 7 pm
      Thursday and Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
      Saturday: 10 am – 3 pm
      Closed on Sundays
      Students can drop-in and meet with a clinician during regular business hours.
      215-898-7021 (24/7)

Important Dates:

Date Event
September 13 Course Selection Period ends
October 6-9 Fall Term Break
October 10 Drop Period Ends
October 10 Indigenous People’s Day (University open; Classes in session)
October 10 Classes Resume
October 22 October 22 (Yale)

Engineering Activities

RAS Academic Advising


New Course - ESE3600 TinyML Machine Learning for Embedded Systems

ESE3600 Tiny Machine Learning is all about taking a small computing device and enabling it with machine learning smarts.

This is a very exciting course that first introduces you to the fundamentals of machine learning.

You will develop applications to process and understand images, speech and motion gestures

– All on battery-operated embedded hardware that costs less than a dollar.

This enables interactive and useful sensor-based systems to solve real-world problems.

Think of this as a first course in both machine learning and embedded systems – you don’t need any background in either.

TinyML brings AI into the Internet of Things to create modern applications at the edge of the internet.

Watch the short intro lecture to learn more – TinyML Intro Lecture

Register here –


Theta Tau Rush (9/13 - 9/15)

Theta Tau is Penn’s sole professional engineering fraternity and is built on its three pillars of professionalism, brotherhood, and community service. Please come meet the brothers during our open rush (September 13-15)! For more information visit:


Engineering Career Days, Thursday 9/15 and Friday 9/16

Highlights/TL:DR – 2 Engineering Career Days 9/15 and 9/16, one virtual, one in-person (first in 2 years!!) in Houston Hall; see linked spreadsheets to view organizations and filter by major/field of study; events open to on-campus students and postdoctoral fellows served by Career Services; Biosciences Career Fair at the end of September.  Please scroll for important details!

Thursday, September 15, 2022, 11am-4pm ET

VIRTUAL Engineering Career Day (hosted in the University’s Handshake platform)

All Attending organizations:

Event Sponsors (3):  Five Rings, U.S. Food & Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products, & ZS Associates

  • View the spreadsheet linked above to see the 37 organizations who have opted for a virtual recruiting event; download and sort by major/program of study, if the organization will sponsor international candidates and if the organization is open to speaking with 1st year undergraduates with career questions.


Friday, September 16, 2022, 11am – 4pm ET

IN-PERSON Engineering Career Day

Houston Hall (Bodek Lounge & Hall of Flags)

Attending organizations:

Event Sponsors (6):  Bloomberg-Engineering, Five Rings, Palantir Technologies, Shoreline (Penn-affiliated start-up), The BHW Group, TikTok, Inc.

  • View the spreadsheet linked above to see the 61 organizations who have opted for an in-person recruiting event; download and sort by major/program of study, if the organization will sponsor international candidates and if the organization is open to speaking with 1st year undergraduates with career questions.

In addition, we are hosting a Biosciences-specific fair later this month, coordinated by Dr. Joseph Barber, Director of Graduate Initiatives in Career Services.  As advertised to employers:  This fair is open to all students, postdocs, and alumni. With Penn’s strong reputation for biomedical research, this career fair has a particular emphasis on the life and physical sciences, and we invite employers from a diverse range of industries and career fields to participate (including the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, consulting firms, science writing and publishing organizations, patent law and intellectual property firms, government and non-profit institutions, start-ups, policy think tanks, and more!)

  • In-Person BioSciences Career Fair: Thursday, September 29, 2022
  • Virtual BioSciences Career Fair: Friday, September 30, 2022


EDAB Applications Due 9/16

EDAB’s application is now live and you can access it here as well as our website ( It is due at 11:59 PM ET on Friday, September 16th. Following that, we will reach out to shortlisted candidates for first round interviews.

We are looking forward to reviewing your responses and getting to know you!


Penn Activities

Journeying into Civil Rights History with Herman Beavers and Bryan Stevenson (10/6 - 10/9)

Penn’s inaugural Alumni Civil Rights Trip will happen this fall (October 6-9, 2022). This program was modelled from a program GIC has been offering students for 25 years.

Participants who choose this trip will have the wonderful opportunity to journey with Dr. Herman Beavers as the faculty host and Sherisse Laud-Hammond as the staff host from Alumni Relations. An additional highlight will be Bryan Stevenson, Founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, who will speak about his work with the Equal Justice Initiative. This is a thought-provoking experience for those eager to delve into history and movement work in the South.

For more information and instructions on how to sign up, please click on the following flyer: Alabama 2022 TOUR Brochure


Entrepreneur in Residence: Stuart Weitzman (10/26)

Calling All Entrepreneurs: Join an exclusive program with award winning designer and footwear icon Stuart Weitzman (W’63), Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Stuart Weitzman LLC. The award-winning designer and footwear icon will host student sessions to discuss building his company, creating marketing and branding strategies, and understanding the value of design.

All Penn students can learn from Stuart about building his company, creating marketing and branding strategies, and methods of entrepreneurship by joining the Entrepreneur In Residence Program. This is an exclusive 25-person class offered only once this year.

In addition to the Entrepreneur In Residence class, four selected students will have an additional 30-minute individualized mentoring session in the afternoon with Stuart Weitzman. Due to limited space, mentoring sessions will be highly selective.

Past student testimonial:

“The conversation was guided carefully as it was clear he spent time contemplating what’s the best use of time and what content would be most relevant for us.”

Reach out to Ember Bennett ( with any questions. For more information, visit


Fall GSE Course Options: 'Applied Qualitative Method in Human Development Research' and 'Personality and Social Development

These courses (Applied Qualitative Methods in Human Developmenta Qualitative orientation to Intervention Science or Social Program design also highlighting lesser known approaches to action-based research and Personality & Social Development, a human development course also applicable for non-majors– particularly those who intend to work with children, families, communities, and social networks in-and-outside of Education) are a part of the Human Development and Quantitative Methods division at Graduate School of Education and are applicable for students from various degree-levels, career concentrations, and academic interests.
Please contact Laronnda Thompson at should you have any questions or difficulty registering.



North Spore Scholarship 2022 (Due Dec 20)

North Spore Scholarship 2022 is worth $2,500 to pay for tuition, books, computers, accommodation, and any other educational expenses. This is open to students interested in enrolling or existing students of mycology, a postgraduate student in mycology, or another related study.

In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States or a holder of a valid student visa.
  • Must be currently enrolled in or accepted to a full-time program in an accredited US university or college
  • Must be a student of mycology, a postgraduate student in mycology, or another related study
  • Must provide a 300-word essay on or before the deadline of December 20, 2022.

The intent behind organizing the scholarship is to bring deserving and thoughtful young talents to the spotlight by nurturing their creativity and perseverance in creating a greener environment. To learn more about the scholarship, you can visit our website. If you have any questions please let us know.


Paid/Unpaid Opportunities

Non work-study positions available at Red & Blue Engagement Center

The Red & Blue Engagement Center is looking for enthusiastic student ambassadors (both undergraduate and graduate level) who love Penn and want to connect with alumni and parents about the great things happening at the University! The center is open year-round and always hiring for the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

Students earn up to $13.50/hr with the opportunity for incentive based rewards and prizes. The center offers flexible scheduling (open 7/days a week) to allow students to work around their academic schedules.

The center is typically open:

   Sundays | 12:00 – 8:00pm

   Mondays | 6:00 – 9:00pm

   Tuesdays | 6:00 – 9:00pm

   Wednesdays | 6:00 – 9:00pm

   Thursdays | 6:00 – 9:00pm

   Fridays | 2:00 – 5:00pm

   Saturdays | 12:00 – 6:00pm

Additional hours, including late night hours (9:00 – 11:00pm) and weekday hours, are available periodically as well.


To apply, visit the Red & Blue Engagement Center’s website at

For more information, contact the Center’s manager, Emma Burns at:

Email |

Phone | 215.573.5231

Check out PennCalling here:

Flyer: Engagement Ambassador 


Airport Cooperative Research Program University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs (8/16/22 - 5/12/23)

The FAA-sponsored Airport Cooperative Research Program’s University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs provides an outstanding opportunity for individual students or student teams working under the guidance of faculty advisors to design solutions to real-world issues addressing our nation’s airports and the National Air System.

Students win cash prizes ($3,000 for first place, $2,000 for second, and $1,000 for third place) in each of four different broad categories:

  • Airport Operation and Maintenance
  • Airport Management and Planning
  • Airport Environmental Interactions
  • Runway Safety/ Runway Incursions/Runway Excursions Including Aprons, Ramps, and Taxiway

Airport needs embrace many disciplines including all engineering fields, environmental science, business, data science, computer science, psychology, and many others.

A variety of multidisciplinary topics are suggested, but students can come up with their own relevant topics for their design solution.  The Competition is an excellent open-ended design project for capstone courses and is also frequently used in other courses, for independent study, or as a professional society student chapter project.

First place winners present their work at an award ceremony at the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine in Washington, D.C., and also at a relevant national professional conference.  All expenses are covered.

Interaction with airport operators and industry experts is required.  The Competition provides access to experts and to airport operators through its program website.

The Competition runs from August 16, 2022 to May 12, 2023.  Students can work in either or both academic semesters.  Additional information regarding the ACRP University Design Competition can be found at the Competition website located at  The updated guidelines for submission are attached and can be found at

The Airport Cooperative Research Program is part of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.  The Virginia Space Grant Consortium manages the Competition on behalf of the ACRP.

We hope you will consider this opportunity which has provided 2,706 students and 169 faculty advisors from 90 institutions with an outstanding educational opportunity immersed in real-world needs and that you will share it with other faculty or students who might have an interest.