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Keith Mathe

Hi all! My name is Keith (he/him) and I’m an international junior from Zimbabwe majoring in Computer Engineering and Fine Arts. As you can infer from this my interests lie somewhere between computing and the creative. In CMPE I enjoy programming in Python (name a language easier) and I also enjoy the interactivity of web development. In FNAR, I primarily work with photography, but I’ve recently taken to working with ink on paper. Outside of this, I enjoy reading, though for some reason I can never finish digital books. I’ve jumped around non-fiction, ethical philosophy and fiction; all to say I’ll read anything if you tell me it’s good. Recently I’ve been on a Kurt Vonnegut marathon so you’ll see me either scratching my head or laughing (because those are the only two states allowed by Kurt’s work). If you find yourself having various interests across the four schools, I can share my experience with you and suggest other people to engage further.

Erica Wu

Hi! I’m Erica, and I’m a rising junior from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Systems Engineering. On campus, I fence, TA in the CIS department, and am treasurer of the beekeeping club. In my free time, I enjoy playing rhythm games and card games, doodling, and spending time outside. I’m really excited to meet you all!

Sem Ferid

Hi, I’m Sem Ferid, a sophomore CIS major with many interests! I have a love for music and the violin, which I’ve been playing for the past seven years. Besides music, I am an aspiring chef in my own kitchen as cooking has become a delightful outlet for me to try out new recipes and create delicious meals. As an Ethiopian, I have a deep-rooted connection to my culture and a love for traveling and adventures. When I’m not engrossed in coding and analyzing data, I find peace in the gym, lifting weights, and on the basketball court with friends. I am thrilled to be an OPA and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Xiang Chen

HI! You can call me Shang (exactly how it sounds). I’m a rising sophomore studying Computer Engineering with an interest in Machine Learning. I like playing Poker, Chess, and video games (especially FPS)! Feel free to ask me anything about housing, classes, and registration (also dining halls are important if you want good food to do well). That’s it have a good day!

Ben Sailors

Hey everyone and welcome to Penn! My name is Ben, and I am a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering! My hometown is a small city in Ohio. Although I started off applying to Penn CD, I quickly found a home in MSE and would love to talk to anyone about choosing a major. As well, I took a gap year between HS and college to do some industrial R&D and participated in PFP before arriving. At Penn, I lived in Ware my freshman year and was an RA in Ware last year. This year, I will be living in the Radian on campus. I spend a lot of time outside the classroom in student government, as both the VP of Finances for our Class Board and a UA rep. Additionally, I am involved in some consulting organizations and public policy and service fellowships. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything at all! I absolutely love engineering and hope to see y’all at some MSE Makerspace events (open to everyone to build awesome things!) I can’t wait to meet you!

Shreya Bathula

Hi! My name is Shreya Bathula. I am a junior majoring in BE who is also a pre-med from Middletown, Delaware. I also am the founder of the Writers for Mental Health club at Penn. Our goal is to destigmatize mental health conditions through the creation and distribution of picture books to Philadelphia grade schools. I am currently involved in research with the Yoon Lab on complex spine surgery. One of our projects is using a smartphone app to correlate the number of steps a patient takes with patient outcomes after spine surgery. My hobbies consist of reading webtoons/manhwa/manga, playing otome games, and watching K-dramas and C-dramas. I am also interested in writing YA novels and have taken a course on this topic at Penn. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about me. I am happy to especially give more information about my club and research. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

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