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Shrushti Manikandan

Hi everyone! My name is Shrushti Manikandan, and I’m a sophomore from Denver, Colorado. Congratulations on your admissions to Penn Engineering! A little bit about myself,I’m pursuing a BSE in Computer Science, most likely with a second major in Economics. I’m also part of the Benjamin Franklin Scholars program. Outside of academics, I’m involved in The Women’s Network as VP of Marketing, the Penn Engineering Deans’ Advisory Board, Phi Chi Theta (business fraternity), and Penn Thillana (dance team). During my free time, I like to explore different cafes in Philadelphia, listen to podcasts, hike, and try new recipes.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about Penn, CIS, clubs, exploring Philly, food recommendations, etc., or just to say hi!

Linda Lin

Hey! My name is Linda and I’m a rising sophomore from Vancouver, Canada, majoring in materials science (MSE), with a concentration in electronic and optical materials. At Penn, I am/have been involved in theatre, student governance with Penn Engineering Council, greek life with my STEM sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon, and student event planning with the social events planning branch of Penn Student Government. I’m also involved with the Materials Science Society and MatSci Makerspace organizing board on campus – I love my major and the matsci community and would love to talk to you about it! This summer, I’ll be doing research in the ESE department on modelling innovative solar cells and interning with an international engineering firm. In my free time, I play a lot of Stardew Valley, try to touch up on my (horrible) French skills, and watch a lot of Korean and Chinese variety shows.

Jasper Huang

Hey guys! My name is Jasper, and I’m from San Jose, California. I’m studying computer science for both undergrad and an accelerated master’s, and I’m also minoring in statistics and consumer psychology. Some fun facts about me are that I used to play tennis competitively, I give haircuts, and I’ve been to 19 US national parks! On campus, I’m involved in The Daily Pennsylvanian, Mezzanine (, and JCuts (@jcuts_penn). I’ve also worked on projects with Wharton Customer Analytics, Penn Data Science Group, Penn Vegan Society, Wellness at Penn, Penn Reflect, and Penn Sustainability. If any of the above interests you as well, feel free to reach out!

Jocelyn Chin

My name is Jocelyn Chin and I am a rising junior studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and double minoring in Sustainability & Environmental Management and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Congrats on joining Penn Engineering!! Apart from my studies, I am a researcher in the Fakhraai Chemistry Research Group, VP External of Society of Women Engineers, Treasurer for the Engineering Student Activities Council, and Marketing Chair of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. I am also Vice President of Access Engineering, a club that volunteers with high school students to teach them engineering. I also am a part of Zeta Tau Alpha, an on-campus sorority, and Theta Tau, a pre-professional engineering fraternity. In my free time, I love kickboxing, taking naps after any meal, and exploring Philly! As a first year student, I struggled with acclimating to a new environment and finding friends while balancing the workload of an engineer. I hope to be a mentor and friend as an OPA and am always open to answering any questions!

Enzo Bergamo

My name is Enzo, and I am a Systems Engineering student originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. At Penn, I am involved with the varsity fencing team (a sport I’ve been doing for almost 13 years now!), organizations such as Common Cents, an undergraduate personal finance club,as well as working as a teaching assistant for CIS 110 and ESE courses such as ESE 111, ESE 112, and ESE 224. In addition to English, I speak Portuguese, the official language of Brazil, as well as Spanish and Italian (ish). During my free time, I really enjoy cooking and eating good food at various places, I have been all over Philly exploring all types of restaurants!

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