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Ellie Kim

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie, and I am a rising senior studying Systems Engineering with a minor in Math. I am originally from Atlanta, GA and am so excited for you guys to be at Penn. I came into college as a CBE major and then changed my major to SSE my freshman spring. Since then, my favorite engineering courses have been Engineering Probability and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Some of the extracurriculars I have been involved with on campus include being president of our Korean Students Association, research in City Planning, TA for our Introduction to Computer Programming course, and greek life! As for some of my favorite things at the moment, ReAnimator Coffee in West Philly, Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong, Absolutely by Dijon, and No Stupid Questions podcast by Stephen Dubner and Angela Duckworth!

Nick Kuo

Hey, I’m Nick Kuo and I am a rising junior studying Computer Science. I’m excited to help you find your place at Penn! A few fun facts about me! I love traveling! As I write this, I’m hiking with my friends through the Amazon Rainforest. I love staying active with soccer and pole vaulting, and my most controversial fact is that my favorite genre of music is country 😉 I love exploring Philly’s amazing food spots and dancing the night away with friends.

For my extracurricular pursuits, I am a CIS 121 and BEPP 250 teaching assistant, a CIS research assistant, co-founder of Venture Lab Advisory Board, Class of 2024 Engineering Chair, Engineering Deans’ Advisory Board member, and a senior consultant in Penn International Impact Consulting. Some of my academic and extracurricular interests include the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship, student advocacy, and cultural immersion.

I love meeting new people, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Joshua Chen

Hey! My name is Josh and I am a senior in materials science and engineering, as well as M&T. I am very interested in nanoscience, photonics, and quantum materials research, and I want to pursue a PhD after undergrad. I work with Dr. Marija Drndic in the physics department, and I am involved with the new MatSci makerspace, as well as the Rachleff Scholars Program. Outside of research and Penn, I love to play beach volleyball at Drexel’s sand courts, and I am bulking. I also play a lot of Population: One in Oculus Quest.

Maddie Dempsey

Hi I’m Maddie! I’m a rising junior from Simsbury, CT majoring in CIS and pursuing a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. At Penn I’m a member of Women in Computer Science, the undergrad board for Advancing Women in Engineering, and Special Needs Undergraduate Swim Lessons. I’m also a varsity athlete on the Women’s Rowing Team.

I went to High School at my public school Simsbury High where I first started rowing as a freshman. I discovered my passion for computer science in AP classes in high school, but I’ve always loved puzzles and creative problem solving.

When I’m not studying or rowing I love going to yoga classes at Pottruck, reading, hosting Bachelor watch parties, and hanging out at coffee shops around campus. I also have a minor shopping addiction and love fashion design.

One of my favorite things to do over the summer is surf and skateboard at the beach. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can’t wait to meet you!

Chaitanya Karimanasseri

Hi! My name is Chaitanya Karimanasseri (he/him), and I’m a rising junior (’24) studying Bioengineering at Penn. I’m really excited to meet everyone! For some background about me, I attended public high school in New Jersey, and before starting school at Penn, participated in the PennQuest first-year pre-orientation program. As a first-year student, I lived in Ware College House (and as a second-year I live in Gregory College House). I am currently pre-med, with a focus on academic medicine and surgery. I am a Rachleff Scholar in SEAS and currently conduct research with Penn Medicine faculty. I also volunteer in various capacities both on- and off-campus, especially in community service roles. For hobbies, I love to read all sorts of genres, both nonfiction and fiction. I love learning about diverse topics, from world history to new biotechnology developments. Finally, I enjoy trying out new restaurants – my current favorite is Koreana!

Sara Dedhia

My name is Sara and I am an incoming sophomore in chemical and biomolecular engineering concentrating in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology & minoring in engineering entrepreneurship. I’m involved in the Society of Women Engineers, Penn Biotech Society Consulting, the Ski team, and Greek life. In my free time I enjoy exploring restaurants and food trucks, taking long walks, cooking/baking, and traveling.

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