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Kara Murphy

My name is Kara Murphy, and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. I really enjoy chemistry and have so far found this major very interesting. I hope to do research as my career in either the fields of oncology or environmental studies. I am a Littlejohn Scholar and will be spending my summer researching the microenvironment of breast cancer cells, and I am very excited to be pursuing my lifelong research dream.  In terms of my interests outside of academics, I love the band and it has become such a huge part of my life since joining it at Penn. I also play the clarinet in the Wind Ensemble, I am board member for the Society of Women Engineers, I am a member of the Social Planning and Events Committee, and I take part in an outside Model UN organization called NHSMUN. Additionally, I have taken Spanish for almost six years now and would like to become fluent someday after spending some time in Spain. I am very excited to be an OPA this year!

Katherine Hann

Hi, my name is Katherine! Welcome to Penn. Sorry the pandemic ruined the last 1.5 years of your life! That’s rough, buddy. Me too though. I used to love baking, but that became a basic interest, so now I spend my free time worrying about the future of the world. I am considering becoming vegan, but if not, my dream is to open a brunch restaurant in San Diego called the Sandy Eggo. I am a rising senior at Penn, studying computer science and my celebrity lookalike is George Weasley. My favorite store is Costco and my favorite movie is The Sound of Music. Enjoy the upcoming year – and remember, “life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”

Daphnie Friedman

Hi! My name is Daphnie and I am a rising senior studying MEAM with a minor in math and getting an accelerated masters in MEAM with a concentration in Design and Manufacturing. I came into Penn as CD, decided on MEAM by the end of my freshmen year and could not be happier with the people I have met and classes I have taken over the last two years. I am originally from New Hampshire and like being outside, exploring the Philly food scene and talking too much about New Hampshire. On campus I am involved with TEDxPenn, Alpha Omega Epsilon (Women in STEM professional and social sorority), WiM (Women in MEAM), AWE (Advancing Women in Engineering), the PennGreen Pre-Orientation program and Kite and Key (tour guiding). I am also a reaching assistant for sophomore year MEAM lab and I work in the rapid prototyping laboratory — maybe I’ll be the one to teach you how to laser cut!

Kelly Chen

Hi! I’m Kelly, and I’m a rising senior majoring in Materials Science & Engineering and minoring in CIS, originally from Edison, NJ. On campus, I’m involved in MSE Society, APO (Penn’s service frat), and TAing MSE360. I have also been a part of the Penn Symphony Orchestra and 34th Street Magazine as a photographer, and I worked in the Harrison College House office for a year. Outside of engineering, I have also taken 2 years of German at Penn, and I really enjoy reading, baking, language learning, and traveling!

Anushka Agarwal

Hello! My name is Anushka, and I am Junior in engineering majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Design/Fine Arts! When I am not grinding CIS classes, you can find me at happy hours, coffee shops, or simply with friends. At Penn, I am also president of The Women’s Network, a national collegiate women’s preprofessional organization, a TA for one of our introductory computer science classes (CIS121), VP of Marketing for Penn Engineering Council, one of our tri-board organizations, and a member of a sorority! I cannot wait to meet all of you and answer any questions you have about CIS @ Penn and more! 🙂

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