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Campbell Phalen

I’m a rising senior, originally from Chicago, studying Networked Social Systems Engineering. At Penn I’m a TA for CIS 120 and also a backend developer for Penn Labs where I work primarily on the Penn Clubs product. Outside of my pre-professional interns I play club lacrosse and have done lights crew Front Row Theater, one of the student theater groups here at Penn. In my free time I like to play video games, read, and watch movies. I’m also a member of a social fraternity on campus.

Akshitha Vijay

Hi! I’m a senior studying Bioengineering and minoring in Engineering Entrepreneurship! I came into Penn being pre-med, but then switched tracks to pursue a career in engineering (aka industry). However, my sophomore year, I switched tracks again to consulting (a business-centered role). This summer, I am working in consulting and (as of now) plan to pursue this career full-time! At Penn, I am (or have been) involved with SEAS Wellness (President), Penn Atma (President), the Undergraduate Assembly (UA), Global Research and Consulting group, Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club, and have a part-time job on campus. I love to sing, play the piano, paint, crochet, play video games (PS5 anyone?), urban hike, kayak, go to the beach, and am a huge tennis fan. Look forward to meeting all of you!

Daniel Xue

Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m a rising sophomore majoring in NETS and Political Science. I’ve always loved computers, participating in robotics and programming competitions in high school. It has been exciting combining my interests in computing and policy at Penn through its many interdisciplinary opportunities. Some academic pursuits I have outside classes are being a developer at Penn Labs to help make apps for the student body, participating in on-campus research, and TAing in the CIS department. In my free time, I enjoy eating non-dining hall food, thrifting, and, on hopefully more frequent occasion this year, reading. Excited to get to know all of you!

Erica Wu

Hi! I’m Erica, and I’m a rising sophomore from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia majoring in Systems Engineering. On campus, I’m part of the fencing team, treasurer of Penn’s beekeeping club, and a tutor for the Weingarten Center. In my free time, I enjoy playing rhythm games, doodling, and spending time outside. I’m really excited to meet you all!

Jason Lu

My name is Jason, and I am from Virginia Beach, VA. I am currently studying chemical engineering, but I also have an interest in different languages. I have taken a few language classes here at Penn and would love to talk about my experiences. Of course I have experiences with chemical engineering/chemistry classes so feel free to ask me anything about those classes as well. I believe college should be a time where you should take as many interesting classes as well as meet as many people as possible. I hope I can be someone you come to for advice! I hope you have a great year!

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