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Claudia Zhu

Hello! My name is Claudia and I am a senior studying CIS and sub matriculating in DATS at Penn! I grew up in Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio. I chose CIS because I really liked math, but wanted something more tangible for my career despite having very little coding exposure in high school. I still try to take a lot of math/theory courses, many of them being my favorite classes. My current interests are computer vision and computational complexity. I also like going on walks, playing trick taking card games specifically tractor, stargazing, and watching movies. My go-to food truck at Penn is Don Memo and my favorite boba place is Lulu’s Cafe. On campus, I am on Penn Go society, TA CIS 320, and have participated in research. Over the summer, I will be working at FAIR on knowledge distillation.

First year student year, I lived in Hill and had a great time! Looking forward to meeting you and guiding you through your first weeks at Penn : )

Felicity Yick

Hi everyone! I’m Felicity 🙂 I’m from Hong Kong. As per my major, I love animated movies and would probably win some Disney themed trivia night. I love to cook and bake with my roommates (follow @feedmebalti.more)! I also love to paint and draw, love movies and analysing them, and love singing and jamming out with my ukulele. Recently finished Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer and I am obsessed 🙂 I also love to travel, and I think I’ve been to 17 countries and I’m super grateful that I had the chance to visit so many places.

Amelia Peng

Hi, I’m Amelia! I’m a rising senior in DMD and am from all over the place: grew up in Beijing China, went to high school in Baltimore Maryland, moved with my parents to Atlanta Georgia, and ended up in Philly for college. I’m passionate about both computer science and art, and in my free time I also like to sing and I’m learning to play the guitar. On-campus, I’m involved in Penn’s SIGGRAPH chapter, an organization for people with interests in computer graphics, and Penn Enchord, an a cappella group. Excited to get to know y’all!!

Miriam Glickman


I am a masters student in mechanical engineering and started off as a undergraduate here as well! This is my third year being an OPA! I have been involved in the Penn Band, research, and definitely done my fair share of club shopping. I am also a TA for MEAM201 and have also TA-ed MEAM 514.

I loveeee socks and mugs and have extensive, well-used, collections of both.

I also love animals and eating food.

I am also from the suburbs of Philly (Lower Merion).

Annika Eisner

My name is Annika and I am a sophomore majoring in bioengineering and planning to minor in computer science. I am also planning to submatriculate into the master’s program. I’m from Philly suburbs and went to a public high school. I attended the Advancing Women in Engineering pre-orientation program the summer before my first year student year. Last year I lived at home, but this year I will be living in Lauder College House. I am a member of ADAPT, which is a medical devices club on campus. I am also a co-founder of Penn Reads Book Club. This fall, I will be a TA for CIS 120. Some of my interests include reading, writing, travelling, and community service.

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