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Nastassja Kuznetsova

As a rising senior in CMPE, I’m excited to share some tips and tricks for navigating Penn with the incoming class. I’ve taken a lot of time to explore what Philly has to offer outside of University City, but I also have some recs for some good eats near campus, too. I’m obsessed with podcasts, axolotls, Trader Joes, and skoolie bus conversions (pls google, they’re awesome). I have a few software engineering internships under my belt and have recently narrowed down my focus to working in computer vision AI, which is what I’m doing during my summer internship this year. I’m also an avid runner because I’m too lazy to go to the gym and figure out how to use the equipment. Looking forward to meeting y’all soon 🙂

Dale Kim

Hi, my name is Dale and I am a rising senior in BE (BSE degree) with minors in Chemistry, Math, and Bioethics! I was born in Wisconsin but after four months moved to Nevada and then Colorado, where I’ve spent most of my life. I am on the pre-medical track (and am currently on that essay grind for med-school applications) but also love bioengineering with special interests in synthetic and systems biology. I’d love to answer any questions about getting involved in research at Penn as well as seeking out extracurriculars and getting involved with the community! In my down time I like to write, cook Korean dishes (spicy foods >>>), scroll Reddit, and play Switch. I also have played violin for a good chunk of life and have recently gotten into electric violin and amateur sound mixing.

Lauren Velegol

My name is Lauren and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science (BSE). So far I have loved the classes at Penn and can speak on a few different majors (as I was also considering CBE and MSE). Outside of class, I am involved in Alpha Phi (a sorority on campus) and compete on Club XCTF. If you want to run in college, I can tell/show you where to run, how to run when it gets cold (even in the snow/ice!), and if you’re interested, tell you what races to sign up for (I’ve done the Philly Half Marathon in the Fall and the Philly Love Run in the Spring!). On the more academic side of things, I am a TA for CIS 120, a consulting project leader for the Wharton Undergrad Consulting Club and am a member of the Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board. I love bagels and ice cream and am a huge brunch person so I can give you lots of food recs as well 🙂 I’m so excited to meet you all and for you all to have amazing first semesters!

Marissa Teitelbaum

Hi everyone! My name is Marissa and I am a rising sophomore from New Jersey majoring in mechanical engineering (MEAM) with an intended minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. On campus I am involved in Penn Electric Racing as a member of the mechanical subteam, a general board member on the Penn chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and am also active in Penn Hillel.
Before coming to Penn, I went to High Technology High School (a public engineering magnet school) and I participated in the Pennacle pre-orientation program. As a freshman, I lived in Ware College House in the Quad on the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Community hall and really enjoyed it.
This summer I am doing a mechanical engineering internship at DEKA Research and Development in New Hampshire. Outside of school I enjoy baking, gardening, crafts, and volunteering as well as all things Disney and Marvel.
I am looking forward to meeting all of you and feel free to reach out!

Hannah Shedlo

Hi! My name is Hannah! I’m an incoming junior who is currently majoring in computer engineering, but is moving towards computer science. At Penn I TA for an intro comp sci class, am a member of the Orthodox Community at Penn within the Hillel, and also serve on Hillel’s executive board. On the rare occasion I have some spare time, I love to crochet, play anagrams, and go hiking!

Rebecca Metzman

Hi Everyone!

My name is Rebecca. I am a second-year majoring in Computer Science. My hometown is Teaneck, NJ but this summer I will be living in NYC.

Some of my campus involvements include CIS 110 TAing, being on the Advancing Women in Engineering board, and serving as Co-President of Penntorship (a Penn Hillel professional development club).

My hobbies include cooking, baking, traveling, and art. A fun fact about me is that I took a gap year before coming to Penn, which I spent in Israel.

I look forward to getting to know some of you!

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