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Evan Bean

Hey guys! I’m Evan & I’m a rising senior studying Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering with concentrations in biotechnology and nanotechnology. I spent part of my last summer working with Professor Axelsen’s Alzheimer’s lab and will be returning there this coming fall. This summer I’ll be working with Pfizer in robotic automation & optimization! I’m currently the president of Pennchants, a really great a cappella group at Penn (come audition!), and the technology director for the Student Activities Council. When I’m not in class, in the lab, or singing, you can find me studying in the chapter house at Phi Kappa Psi or designing a stopping mechanism for the ChemE Car team in the engineering department.

I look forward to helping you guys adjust to college and hope to make your experience as great as I can!

Jude Barakat

Hi, I’m Jude! I am a rising junior in SEAS studying Bioengineering on the pre-med track. I am from Denver, Colorado, where I love to hike and explore the mountains. In Philly and at Penn, I am involved in Access Engineering – a service club that gives free STEM demos to Philadelphia high schoolers – and Camp Kesem – a summer camp for kids whose parents have cancer. I am involved in research and also work a job on campus as a learning assistant! Currently, I am doing biomaterials research at a hospital in in Aachen, Germany, on Penn’s Summer GRIP program (happy to answer questions about that)! Excited to meet all of you!

James Baker

What’s up!! My name is James Baker. I’m a Computer Science major in the CSCI program. I’m also pursuing a music minor. I enjoy electronic music production and listening to a broad range of artists.

I lived in Hill College House (1 yellow represent). On campus, I exercise at the gym regularly and love to play volleyball with friends.

In terms of academic interests, my experiences primarily revolve around teaching. I’m part of a club called Access Engineering, where we teach code to high school students! This summer, I’m planning to take a summer class and volunteer at a Proof-based Algorithmic Thinking program under CIS professor Rajiv Gandhi.

I attended a public high school in Pennsylvania about an hour from Philadelphia. I found that Penn was a significant increase in rigor from my high school. It took me a while to adjust to and navigate the intense academic life at Penn. I’m here to help present you the tools and planning skills to make that transition a lot easier!

Annika Eisner

My name is Annika and I am a junior majoring in bioengineering with an interest in medical devices. I am planning to minor in MEAM (Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics) and submatriculate into BE. I lived at home my freshman year due to Covid, but lived in Lauder my sophomore year and will be living in New College House West this year. I went to a public high school and took AP classes. At Penn, I am Vice President of the club ADAPT (assistive devices and prosthetic technologies) and an officer of Penn Reads Book Club. I am also a TA for CIS 120. In my free time, I like to read, write, travel, and spend time with friends.

Linda Lin

I am a rising junior from Vancouver, Canada, studying Materials Science and Engineering with a concentration in electrical and optical devices. I also intend to pursue an accelerated masters in Materials Science and a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. Within my major, I am heavily involved with our undergrad student society as well as student-run makerspace (we’re the only one on campus!), and I would love to tell you all about what I love about the major and community. Outside of class work, I do research with Professor Deep Jariwala in the Electrical Engineering department, where I have the chance to conduct my own independent studies on innovative solar material. I’m also involved with the only women in STEM sorority on campus Alpha Omega Epsilon, Penn Benjamins Peer Counselling, and Penn Aerial Design. This summer, I’m doing research on campus in my lab as a Rachleff Scholar. Previously, I’ve also done remote internships in data science and remote research.

Jovita Tedja

My name is Jovita Tedja, and I am a rising MEAM sophomore from Jakarta, Indonesia. At Penn, I am mainly active as the President of Penncasila, the Indonesian Students’ Association at Penn, but I am also part of Women in MEAM, Society of Women Engineers, film club Bent Button Productions, and the MEAM Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force.

During high school, I took the IB diploma programme, and before coming to Penn, I took a gap year to study Mandarin in Taipei. I also travelled to Singapore, and around my home country of Indonesia. My hobbies include watching K-pop concerts, travelling, baking, dancing and watching movies, especially Asian movies. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants around Philadelphia.

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