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Andrew Zhu

Hey I am Andrew Zhu, a rising junior studying computer engineering, with intention to sub-matriculate in robotics and minor in engineering entrepreneurship. I am from Singapore, but I spent most of my life in Shanghai. I took IB classes in an international school. I also took two gap years before college to do national service so I am a bit older than most of my peers 🙂 I lived in Hill for 75% 🙁 of my first year student year and I will be in Harnwell starting this fall. I am interested in machine learning research so I am doing research for both my first year student and sophomore summers. I am also involved in the autonomous endeavors in Penn Electric Racing. As for my hobbies, I do some light reading and I am also a novice tennis player. Hope to meet y’all soon!

Lucy Yuan

Hi everyone! I’m Lucy and I’m a rising senior studying Computer Science in the Engineering school with a second major in Linguistics and an accelerated master in CIS. I’ll be staying in Philly this summer doing a remote software engineering internship at Facebook. On campus, I‘m the president of Penn HKN (an honor society for CIS/ESE students), an iOS developer at PennLabs, and a TA for CIS320 (also previously TAed for CIS160 for four semesters). I’m also part of Women in Computer Science and specifically I’m involved in organizing FemmeHacks.Some fun facts about me: I am a big soccer fan, but haven’t played soccer for years lol; I can speak Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and English, and used to know some Spanish; I love singing and absolutely enjoy eating and cooking (definitely my favorite quarantine activities).

I am super excited to be an OPA, and hopefully meet you all sometime in person! Feel free to email/message me any time if you have questions!!

Anna Wang

Hi! I’m Anna, a junior native to the Bay Area studying computer science/digital media design. On-campus, I’ve been involved with The Signal (org destigmatizing failure at Penn), Class Board 2023, PennLabs, TEDxPenn, WiCS, and Theta Tau (a co-ed engineering fraternity). Last semester, I worked on the side as a designer for a climate change sustainability startup, and this summer I’m doing software engineering at Stripe. Outside of work/academics, I love doodling, hiking, karaoke, and taking personality tests (tell me your Myers Briggs). I make a lot of lists and am always on the lookout for new music, books, restaurants, etc. so hit me up for/with any recs. Welcome to Penn, I’m super excited to be an OPA and to get to know you all, and feel free to reach out if anything caught your eye!

Nick Kuo

Hey, my name is Nick Kuo and I’m a rising sophomore studying CIS in Penn Engineering. A few fun facts about me! I absolutely love cooking. My guilty pleasure is watching musicals like Grease and Into the Woods. And for my most controversial fact: my favorite genre of music is country 😉

For my extracurricular pursuits, I’m a CS research assistant, Class of 2024 Engineering Chair, Engineering Deans’ Advisory Board member, and a senior consultant in Penn International Impact Consulting. Some of my academic and extracurricular interests include the intersection between technology, business, student advocacy, and cultural immersion. I’ve also done PENNACLE pre-orientation program, which I’d love to talk more about.

When I’m not doing academics or extracurriculars, you can definitely find me playing soccer, exploring Philly’s amazing food spots, going on Wawa runs, or dancing the night away with friends. I love meeting new people, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Miles Batley

I’m a Mechanical Engineering major who loves designing, building, and destroying. Growing up, I spent my time crash-testing Lego cars, building go-carts, and causing (accidental) explosions in my garage. I was no stranger to the common freshmen stressors during my first 2 semesters; I switched my major twice before deciding on MEAM. I joined Penn Electric Racing during my second semester, and have since been working on a secondary vehicle battery system for our 7th car (that won first nationally in this year’s online Formula SAE competition 😉 ). I love the technical world of engineering, but I’m also involved elsewhere. I’m on the Engineering Student Activity Council, the umbrella organization for all SEAS student groups, as PR Chair. I also do graphic design work for Access Engineering, a group that brings engineering educational opportunities to high school students in our West Philadelphia community. As a PennQuest leader, I’m a hiking and mountain biking enthusiast.

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