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Madeleine Drefke

Hey! I’m Madeleine, and I’m from Bethesda Maryland. Im studying MEAM, hoping to do work in the medical devices. In my free time, I love to bake, hike, and play squash. On campus, I’m involved in club squash, Penn’s engineering frat Theta Tau, and SEAS Wellness. If you’re interested in any of those things, let me know and I’d love to tell you about them! Hope you’re all having a great summer!!

Helen Rudoler

Welcome to Penn! I’m Helen, I am a junior studying Computer Engineering. Some of my campus involvements include TA-ing for one of the intro computer science classes here (CIS 1600, mathematical foundations of computer science) as well as involvement in the Hillel/Jewish community. Some of my other interests include reading, musical theater, and going walking/hiking.

Destynn Keuchel

Hi! I’m a sophomore in MSE, doing research this summer in a Penn lab on the efficacy of bio-based concrete. I lived in Lauder College House last year and participated in the PENNacle Pre-Orientation program, which I highly recommend. From making swords in the MSE FabLab to being in Student Government, Chess Club, Penn Innovators, and Effective Altruism, I have been fortunate to be able to find my personal interests as activities in the Penn community.

Rebecca Metzman

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m from NJ. I am a rising Senior studying computer science with minors in engineering entrepreneurship and math. In terms of extra-curriculars, I am on the board of Advancing Women in Engineering and a TA for CIS 1100. I am also very involved in Penn Hillel and specifically the Orthodox community. Can’t wait to meet some of you this summer/fall!

Annika Eisner

Hi, I’m Annika! I’m a senior studying bioengineering with a minor in mechanical engineering, and I’m really interested in medical devices. I am also submatriculating to get my master’s in bioengineering. I’m involved in a variety of clubs on campus, including ADAPT, a medical devices club, Penn Reads, a book club I started with some friends my freshman year, and J-Bagel, a queer Jewish organization. I’m a teaching assistant for CIS 1200, which I really enjoy. In my free time, I like reading, writing, and travelling. I lived in Lauder sophomore year, and last year I lived in Gutmann, which is where I’ll be living this year as well. I’m excited to get to know you!

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