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Eddy Yang

My name is Eddy, and I am a rising sophomore in Computer Engineering. I stayed at home in Los Angeles during my first year student year, so I’m really excited to be on campus next year. Before living in Los Angeles, I also lived for a period of time in Shanghai, Sydney, and Beijing. For my main extra-curriculars at Penn, I am on the Penn tennis team, the Penn Electric Racing Team, and also a member of AI@Penn. I am a huge sports fan, and my favourite sports are tennis, soccer, basketball, and formula 1. I also like travelling, food, and watching YouTube videos in my spare time.

Sherry Shi

Hey! I’m Sherry, a rising senior studying Computer Science (BSE) in SEAS while pursuing a dual degree from Wharton. I’m from Long Island, NY. My journey at Penn kicked off with the PennArts pre-orientation program, where I was introduced to the performing arts scene at Penn. Freshman year, I experienced living in both Riepe and Fisher in the Quad and spent a considerable amount of time in Hill. After living in Rodin sophomore year and spending the past year at home, I’m excited to be returning to campus in the fall! Throughout my time at Penn, I have been involved in (to varying degrees) Penn Symphony Orchestra (flute), Access Engineering, being a CIS 120 TA, research, Women in Computer Science, Penn Wharton China Summit, Club Tennis, Club Badminton, and Penn Flutes. I like playing around with instruments, watching tv shows (Netflix and Chinese), taking walks, exploring new places and experiences. Feel free to ask me about anything you might be interested in! Welcome aboard!

Danielle Sclafani

I’m Danielle, a junior in CBE. I’m in the Rachleff Scholars research program working on virucidal surface coatings in the Lee Lab. At Penn, I’ve really enjoyed classes that use simulations to model systems. I’m a member of ChemE Car. We build and race a car powered by chemical reactions.

I love to dance. I mainly do ballet, but in non-pandemic times, I’m involved in some social dancing clubs, including Penn Tango and Drexel Salsa. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn something fun as well! I also love taking dance classes downtown in Philadelphia.

I also play flute! I’m part of Penn Flutes, a 35 person flute choir. We play alongside alto and bass flutes, piccolo, and occasionally contrabass flute! I’m also in Penn Band in the guard (new this year!). Everyone in the band is super nice and inviting so it’s a great place to stop by if you want to make friends!

Vaishnavi Pachava

Hey! I’m Vaishnavi, a rising sophomore from Hyderabad, India. I started out as CD, but after jumping around quite a few majors and utilizing Penn’s resources, I found DMD to be a good fit. I intend to minor in Physics and Engineering Entrepreneurship and probably work in edtech, so feel free to reach out about exploring multiple academic interests and declaring a major! I spend time building random architecture on Minecraft (including trying to sketch my view from the quad), doodling away during classes, trying new recipes and cuisines, obsessively playing the snake game, cooking up new business ideas, and admiring great comedy. At Penn, I’m most involved in SEAS Wellness (research & analytics), Moelis Access Science (science olympiad), Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club (outreach), Penn Appetit (culinary), Society of Women Engineers (education), and the Netter Center (graphics). Wishing you the best time here at Penn – I’m just a message away!

Joah Kim

Hello! My name is Joah and I’m from the suburbs of Philly. I’m a rising senior studying MEAM and also in the Accelerated Masters program for ROBO. Some of my interests/hobbies include (medical) robots, baking, and dialing in a good shot of espresso. Currently, I’m serving on the board for Women in MEAM (WiM) and Alpha Omega Epsilon (a STEM sorority). I’m looking forward to helping you guys throughout your first year in Penn Engineering!

Aboudi Babiker

Hey guys, I am Aboudi (Ah-boo-dee, it’s weird I know just roll with it lol). I am a rising Junior in Chemical Engineering. On campus I am involved with AIChE, the chemical engineering society, and NSBE, the Black engineering society. I also do organic chemistry research with the Molander Group and I also TA introductory chemistry classes (as you can see I am a bit of a nerd for chemistry). My hobbies are playing Tetris, soccer, and watching movies. Looking forward to seeing you all (in person !!!) in the fall 🙂

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