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Shannon Lin

Hi! I’m Shannon, welcome to Penn and Philadelphia! Hailing from Troy, Michigan, I love the outdoors- overnight hiking, skiing, and recently surfing and snorkeling too. Some random facts about me: I’ve lived out of a van for a month, want to universally rename combination locks to permutation locks, love automating things (hmu if you also like the startup world and running free with optimizing processes and workflows), am both fascinated and frustrated by the US healthcare system, studying a mix of ESE/CIS/ROBO and finance/healthcare management, think life would be easier for everyone if folks made their GCal free/busy details available to the world, absolutely cannot stand traditional Zoom lectures, love hearing people’s hot takes/highs and lows/life stories/etc, ponder about life’s inefficiencies and overly bureaucratic world, working to open a food truck on campus, wish I could speak more languages/sing/draw, loved my gap semester in covid world, and can’t wait to meet you!!

Akash Jain

I am from the Research Triangle Park – NC, though I also spent my youth on the Central Coast (CA) and in both Charlestons (WV & SC). During my senior year, I lived with a friend and worked at Duke Robotics under Dr. Cummings’ Humans and Autonomy Lab. Mentorship has played a central role in my life, and I hope to help others however I can – so feel free to reach out to me regardless of who your OPA.

At Penn, I swapped majors many times, which fueled scheduling complications but equally extraordinary experiences. I believe a deep understanding of the underlying sciences translates regardless of field – that is that the most exceptional innovations come from new perspectives and interdisciplinary educations/approaches.

I currently moonlight as an intern for a San Francisco-based boutique biotech management consultancy and have been working for Dr. Protz’s UROP-style board of researchers as a technical consultant. I plan on pursuing an MD/Ph.D. following graduation.

Beth Fisher

I’m a first year student in M&T, studying MSE and undecided in Wharton. At Penn, I’m involved with Greek Life, play on the club field hockey team, teach local West Philadelphia high schoolers about web dev through Tech It Out, and organize social events for the M&T community on the M&T student board. I lived at home in the suburbs of Chicago first semester and Ware College House in the Quad second semester. When in Philly, I loved exploring all of the restaurants! My favorite brunch spot near campus is Renata’s, and my other favorite is Green Eggs Cafe, about a 30 minute walk from the Quad. I also got to experience the Rittenhouse farmer’s market on a few occasions, and one time, I even got a free apple. A little more about me…I have a sister who just graduated high school and is going to Miami University (of Ohio), and I’m splitting my time this summer between my home in Chicago and an apartment in Philly with my friends. In Philly, I’m TAing the Management & Technology Summer Institute!

Arnav Aggarwal

Hi! I am Arnav, a sophomore in M&T studying computer science, finance, and entrepreneurship from Delhi, India. On campus, I’m involved with Penn Computer Science Society, TEDxPenn, the undergraduate entrepreneurship club, the finance club, and data science related research. Outside of class, I love exploring restaurants in Philly, jogging along the Schuylkill River, and cooking new food! Welcome to Penn, and I look forward to talking to you!!

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